Memories, Love and Happiness

Interesting thoughts after a wedding I went to on Saturday.  I’ll admit it was odd to be at a wedding for a girl I dated about 14 years ago, yet consider to be one of my few really good friends to this day.  I wondered while I was there and on my way home, what it would’ve been like if things actually did work out between us.  What would life be like now?  But that’s not here nor there, and I like to believe things happen for a reason in life.

It was a very nice, simple, but beautiful wedding. It was great to see her family that I hadn’t seen in so long.  Towards the end her father came up to me to say hi and said something to me that I won’t share here, but it’s something I’ll remember.  I think that’s why I’m writing this.

It made me reminisce about the times that we were dating along with the other times we shared over the years on the way home tonight.

It was fun to catch up with one of her friends that I had met before that she worked with at a camp during the summer.  She happened to be her Maid of Honor, we reminisced about how I would drive 2 hours each way just to spend a couple hours with her.  About how they had to hunt me down at my work a week or two after her and I met.  About my car with a modified exhaust and mudflaps. After I had lied to her and told her that I had a PhD in Mathematics the first time we met on Vashon Island.  It reminded me of the night that one of the other counselors there had sung Angel by Sarah McLachlan when we were all on the boat launch laying down looking up at the stars.  They may not know this (I guess she will now!) but I secretly loved going to that camp, it was so quiet and peaceful on that lake.
Those were different times.  We were young and crazy.  I still think fondly of those days. I don’t think I’d be willing to drive that much now! Well, maybe I would for the right person..

To this day she’s willing to be there if I need someone to talk to or wanted someone to go to an appointment with.  I don’t think I’ll ever actually be able to tell her how much I’ve appreciated her over the years, and I’m glad she’s in my life one way or another.  My life wouldn’t have been the same without her.

I’m so happy for you, I’m happy that you’ve found someone to love you the way you deserve to be loved. I hope you two have a wonderful time in Iceland this week and many, many years of happiness! Congratulations, my friend!


One thought on “Memories, Love and Happiness

  1. It was wonderful to see you on Saturday and briefly catch up. C has kept me somewhat up to date on your health challenges and I was so pleased to see the progress that you've made. I'm so glad you were there on Saturday to help C and K celebrate and glad that we are now FB friends!


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