I went on a drive this weekend.  The first half from Fife to Stevenson was spent with Wence, Jo, Armin, Kyle, Russell, and Suzy.  Had a good time except for when they took a different route through Camas, whereas I went down and onto 84. Which coincidentally just happens to be one of my favorite highways I’ve ever driven on.  I ended up going over the “Bridge of the Gods” which is a toll-bridge ($1) and was rather interesting.  It was an older all grate bridge that spans the Columbia River.  I ended up getting to the Skamania County Fairgrounds 5 minutes before the rest of the crew as well.  🙂

Sunday morning we met up for breakfast and then headed our separate ways, they were headed back to I-5 and heading North.  I was heading up Wind River Rd, onto NF90, NF25, Curvy Creek Rd and so on.  The names of the roads were VERY appropriate.  Luckily, there wasn’t very much traffic for most of this journey in the morning.  I must warn you though, there is nothing between Carson and Randall except for one store.  It was long, winding, exciting, and a bit nerve-wrecking.  The entire time I was on this route I thought to myself how much more fun this would be in a sports car.  I ended up turning off the stereo and just listening to the car, the tires as they went from turn to turn, the exhaust note as it changed.  It was amazing.  Shortly after I passed the exit to Mt. St. Helens, here comes a Ferrari F430 Scuderia flying up the road going the other direction, I couldn’t help but smile.  Seconds later as I was approaching a left hand turn here’s a Maserati Gran Sport hanging onto his lane with some tenacity.  Seconds after that was a BMW M3, Porsche 911, and older Porsche, and a Benz.  They unfortunately were stuck behind a much slower moving vehicle.  This road didn’t have many passing areas so when you have a chance to pass, you have to take it.

Got to my Mom and Step Dad’s house to surprise them for the day, gave my Mom her new Kindle even though she has no clue to work electronics she seemed to pick up really quickly.  That surprised me.  Got them signed up on Amazon and showed them how to download books and games for it.  I think they’ll become as big of fans of Amazon.com as I am very shortly.  Sounds like they’re finally going to move up to DSL and get some WiFi’s movin’ around there piece o’ land too.  Now, that might not seem to be a big deal to you or I, but they live in the sticks and don’t really use their computer much.  I look forward to the day I go there and not feel so isolated.  🙂  I might even go down there more often.
Finally, it was time to hit the road one last time and get some sleep.  Traffic going home was a complete flip from what it was in the morning.  People just don’t like it when you pass them.  Perhaps, they should get out of the way when they have the chance…

Total mileage for the weekend: ~420
Drive time: ~7.5 hours


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