We’re so far from finished

Nothing much to say.  Just wanted to write.

I feel like it’s been easier for me to breathe lately, I wonder if it has something to do with the temperature?  Odd, but I’m not gonna be the one to complain!

Everything is in place for me to make it to SEMA this year, currently have a room booked at Aria, Nov. 2nd – 9th.  Looking to celebrate being cancer free while I’m there and just being able to enjoy it again, last year I had too many other things on my mind to truly enjoy the week. 

REALLY looking forward to October 10th to find out what the next steps are for my vocal cords.  I have a feeling that whatever the decision is, it’s going to happen after SEMA, which I’m kind of bummed about, but I’m happy at the same time.  I notice that I’ve been choking on stuff more frequently which tells me that something needs to get fixed soon.  I do really want it to happen this year so I can get it onto my insurance while I’ve got my deductible covered and only about $1,600 left until I’ve hit my out of pocket max.  Crazy to think I’ve spent that much after only 4 appointments since switching to this insurance plan.  I don’t really understand why it costs so much to put a video-scope down your nose, but it is what it is. 

I went through my bills the other day, I think I added them up correctly, and without insurance it would’ve cost me $85,000 for everything so far excluding the recent CT scan and Laryngoscopy which I haven’t received bills for yet.  Crazy. 
After Saturday’s support group meeting, I was talking to one of the other members about surgeries, and insurance.  She said that her Thyroidectomy was billed at over $100k.  What the?  Why?  Mine was around $45k and I think it was more extensive than hers.  She went in for the Radioactive Iodine treatment today, hope it goes well for her!!  She seemed to be handling being hypothyroid on the Low Iodine diet fairly well, which was one of the hardest parts for me during the last year.

Got together with a few people that made the Trek to Sonoma 10 years ago for a quick little lunch.  Ended up staying down within the 2 block radius for several hours with Foth talking about things and enjoying the local businesses.  Good times.

This weekend is the last big event of the year.  NWMOTIV.COM’s inMotion Car Show and Drift event.  Held up at the fairgrounds in Monroe, last year was incredible and this year should be just as awesome.  You should be there to partake in it!


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