Sup with that steak though?

Man. What. A. Week. As I’m on my flight back home after being in Las Vegas for the last 8 days, I’m able to sit here and sort of reflect on everything.

It was so, so good to see everyone that I get to see once a year, Mike, Sid, Beard, Big Mike, Scott, Yukio, Miguel, Joe, Harry. I hope to be able to see some of you again before SEMA next year! As well as those that I get to see a bit more frequently, Mike, Greg, Katie, Ryan, John, Walter (your parents are awesome, so glad I got to meet them!), Russell, Suzy, Sean, Tex, Monica, Renauld, Natalie. My NWMotiv brethren, Josh, Jason, Scot, Foth, Alan, Erich, Jes. To those that I met for the first time, Mikee, Devin, Paul, Phil, Ashli, Corey. I might be missing some of you, please forgive me! I’m tired. I look forward to next time!
I have to say I ate rather well this week… not in the healthy way, but man did it taste good! Earl of Sandwich, Carnegie Deli, Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Tom Collechio’s Heritage Steak, Javier’s, Aria Buffett, Five50 Pizza, Hash House A Go-Go, In-n-Out, Twin Peaks, some burger place at NYNY (wish ī remembered the name, the turkey burger was amazing), Jean Philippe. Heritage Steak, BurGR, Javier’s, Five50 were amazing new adventures! I tried to try things I wouldn’t normally get and was pleasantly surprised! Need to try that hot dog at BurGR next time though!

Had a blast bumpin’ Do or Die and Ja Rule down the strip in a car packed with dudes. Enjoyed being able to experience Haze and Hakkasan nightclubs. The two trips to two different Costco’s. The multiple trips to the bean. Coming to the conclusion that I’m way too familiar with Vegas and how to get around. The cinnamon rolls, the gelato, the amazing cheesecake creation, the opening of a can of pineapple juice without a can opener, being a part of two different couple’s first trips to Vegas. Watching the hookers at my hotel, lol. So many memories are made during SEMA week. I’m really happy that I was able to experience everything that I did. After the ups and downs of the last year it felt good to just let go and enjoy the week.

I was able to enjoy everything without worrying much, or thinking about my upcoming surgery, but was reminded every time someone couldn’t hear me and all the girls I was tryin’ to holla at 😉

I didn’t take any pictures from the show for the first time in years. Weird. I regret not taking more pictures with the people I was able to experience everything with!

I frequently fell asleep with my curtains open, just enjoying the lights, last night infell asleep in the chair while enjoying the view, lol. I can’t wait to get back to moisture filled air, Vegas does a number on my nose and lips! I didn’t get to see a show like I wanted to, pretty bummed about that, but didn’t want to go alone. Saw the Bellagio fountains along with the Mirage Volcano numerous times!

I look forward to finding out just how many miles of walking I did this week, I’m sure it’s gonna be startling! My bones, joints and muscles all feel it. Might be time for a massage!

It was amazing to see all the Seahawks fans around town! Go Hawks!

I wasn’t completely happy with my hotel room this trip, nor the service in getting the issues resolved. Not entirely sure I’ll be staying at Aria again, this was my third or fourth stay there and I’ve had issues with two of those…

Congratulations to Walter and John for their second place win along with the Fan Favorite vote in the Scion Tuner Challenge with their Scion tC L-DZ Concept! #ForTheLadies. Hopefully this is only the beginning to bigger and better things!

We’re beginning our descent now, I’ll get this posted as soon as I get back into WiFi!

Not sure if I’ll have another post before my surgery on the 26th, but I’m sure I’ll have one shortly after!


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