Can You Stand the Rain?

It happened again.  While getting my blood drawn today to check my TSH and Free T4 (which I think is the first time this has been checked), I was there at SCCA, looking at the other patients.  You can tell those that have had to go through chemo, and those that look sick.  Then I look at myself and wonder if people are wondering why I’m there getting a blood draw?  I don’t look sick.  Hell, am I sick? I dunno.  It’s all likely in my head.  Do they care?  Do they even notice?  Does it even matter?  No.  So why do I think about it?

Had an awesome speech therapy visit today.  This was the first one post-surgery.  Juli was amazed at how good my voice is.  It’s not perfect by any means, and she noticed that I’m still not using good techniques when talking, so there’s certainly room for improvement.  When I walked in, I saw one of the girls that’s been in a couple of my other visits sitting in a room, Lisa.  She’s pretty awesome too.  She had an appointment with someone else at the same time, but was really excited that I was still there when she was done so she could stop in and hear the improvement.  I asked about the possibility of doing a swallowing study to see if there’s anything I can do to make it easier to swallow.  Luckily, it sounds like Lisa has an interest in swallowing difficulties, so she’s going to look at some of my records and suggest some things that might be helpful or even recommend going ahead with the swallow study to get a better idea of how things are working in there.
It’s possible there’s a joke in there, and yes, I had a hard time not saying something inappropriate.


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