It’s a group thang

Went to the ThyCa Support Group meeting on Saturday morning. What an awesome experience, really looking forward to going back next month.  It was an hour and a half, but I wish it was longer.  I think I was the youngest one there out of the 9 people. Some that just recently had their own Thyroidectomy and were curious about what’s next.  One of the gentlemen is a strong advocate for staying in the hospital after doing the Iodine radiation instead of being around your family, friends and the general public.  I agree with him completely, I wish I could’ve done that and if I have to go through it again I’m going to ask for it.

I wish I had found out about this sooner and before I had my surgery.  It was good to be around others that have gone through what I am to a certain extent.  I don’t believe any of them had/have the vocal problems that I am, but I don’t think any of them waited as long as I did to get it checked out. 

They meet once a month on the third Saturday of the month at Cancer Lifeline in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.  There’s an annual Thyroid Cancer conference, this year it’s in Philadelphia in September but they said they try to rotate the location every year (East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast).  I hope to go to this sometime, I think it would be interesting to hear all the speakers and experts on Thyroid Cancer.

Anyway, I think my next post is going to be a timeline of before/after/current pictures of myself to show you the fairly dramatic difference in the last 5 months since I was diagnosed. 


One thought on “It’s a group thang

  1. So glad that you went and that it was helpful. It's amazing how helpful just sharing your experience with others who can truly relate is. Stay strong. Keep getting healthier.


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