All of the Lights

Hey you. 
Things seem to be going fairly well recently, don’t have a good explanation why though, but I’ll accept it.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the multi-vitamin I started taking about a week and a half ago, but I certainly feel like my mood has changed the better.  Vitamin D maybe?  Anyway, I’ll keep it up, I like it.  I like the way it feels.
Had the nasal procedure about 3 weeks ago, I think.  It was a very interesting experience overall.  I don’t believe my nose has healed completely yet, but I’ve noticed an improvement.  Not to what it was, but better than it was before the procedure.  It’s expected due to the scabs that form to take a month or more for things to get healed up.  I go back in for a follow-up in June to see how things are.  If needed he can remove the scabs.  I’m guessing if things aren’t back to normal he might want to do the procedure again.  It wasn’t all that painful which is good, smelled like something was burning though.  I guess that’s normal. 
Had a vocal cord follow-up last Wednesday.  He didn’t put a scope up my nose this time, he knew what he was going to see.  Decided we can go ahead with the implant as soon as August!  The extra three months between now and then will give the scar tissue more time to heal from the Total Thyroidectomy and Radical Neck Dissection.  They normally wait about a year before doing this surgery, but the doctor said there isn’t any reason to wait any longer.  I can’t possibly tell you how excited I am to get this next step in my journey finished.  It sounds like there’s going to be a couple days of rest at home afterwards and it will take several weeks afterwards before we can tell exactly how well it worked.  During the appointment the doctor wanted to see how my weight is doing, I guess they can’t do this surgery if the patient is over a certain BMI.  Happily found out that I’ve lost 67 lbs. since the surgery and I’m below the mark! I don’t feel like I’ve changed my diet dramatically except for not drinking any soda, energy drinks or alcohol.  I’m guessing it’s a combination of several things, getting the thyroid hormones likely has something to do with it in addition to the removal of the above beverages.
However, before I get to that point I’ve got to deal with the appointments this month.  These are the ones I’m most anxious for.  The six-month checkup scans.  We’ll find out just how well the cancer cells took up the radioactive iodine and see if there is any new growths.  If there’s new growths they’ll have to be monitored every 3-6 months to see if they’re continuing to grow.  Trying to think positive about this, but it’s difficult to do, know what I mean?  I’ll find out the results later this month.
Picked up my refill for one of my Thyroid hormones yesterday evening.  I noticed, and this isn’t the first time this has happened then when you’re done with your transaction and they hand you your medicine that they tell you to “Take care of yourself” instead of saying have a good day or some other term.  It took me aback this time for some reason.  I appreciated it more this time than I have in the past.  It felt good to think that some stranger might want me to get better?  At least it did in that fleeting few seconds.  I’m going to try mix up things like that on a daily basis just to see if someone else might notice it.    
Completely unrelated.  I’ve been working down here in South Lake Union for a little over a month now, I’ll admit that the location is kind of cool.  I love the 20-30 minute commute each way (damn viaduct construction!)  Down side as mentioned before is parking.  However, that’s not nearly as bad as once thought, since I’m able to park on the street right across from the building I work in.  It also forces me to get up and walk down to the meter and pay every 2 hours.  It still costs me more money to work down here, but it’s not as bad and the personal time I’ve gained makes up for that.  I just wish there was more quick food places nearby.  I’m getting tired of sandwiches from Jimmy John’s everyday…  And the only other options are other sandwich places oh and Blue Moon burgers, but we all know one should not eat there frequently!  I want some more variety people!  But don’t want to take the time to go to a sit down place.  Sigh.
Things are looking up, and I’m lookin’ to keep that vibe going!

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