I’ve been feeling really good this week, like the best I’ve felt in months. That good.  Started out on Sunday seeing friends, laughing, catching up, watching a movie, and just overall a GREAT fun day!  That euphoria has generally held up the rest of the week.  Until this evening.  I’m tired of being tired in the evening.  I’ve spoken with my Endocrinologist about it, he had me go do a blood draw so they can check my numbers.  Of course, everything came back normal.  He brought up my case at their Monthly Thyroid Cancer conference a couple days later.  12 experts in various capacities (pathology, radiology, etc.) looked at my test results, scans, images, and other info and couldn’t come up with an explanation. He said they were all amazed at how things have turned out considering the size of the mass and number of lymph nodes that were cancerous.  I thought it was pretty cool to have a my case brought up in a conference.  I wish I could’ve been there! 

This week I’ve been trying taking my morning meds at different times of the day, an hour or so earlier than normal caused my crash to happen an hour earlier than normal.  Tried taking them two hours later than normal and about 30 minutes after my breakfast of oatmeal, that caused the crash a little later in the evening about the time I was leaving work.  Yet, when I’m home and not doing much but watching TV, a movie and/or playing games I don’t get that afternoon crash.  My job isn’t physically demanding, but is mentally demanding.  I just don’t know what I can do.

Our monthly Thyroid Cancer Support Group is Saturday, really looking forward to it.  Maybe I’ll get some ideas on what I can do to fix this energy problem.  I really enjoyed it the last time I went, now that  have an idea on what to expect, this time should be that much better!

On another note, went in two weeks ago to get this breathing problem checked out.  Doctor told me it’s because of the Horners Syndrome I ended up with during the surgery.  The sympathetic nerve system on the right side of my face was damaged.  That nerve system controls a lot of functions that you don’t even think of.  One of these is called the Turbinates inside your nose.  These shrink and swell on a normal basis, when you’re sick or have allergies and feel congested, problems breathing it is likely because your Turbinate is swollen.  Since my nerves are no longer working, the Turbinate in my right nostril was swollen all the time since my surgery.  I went back in last Friday for a procedure to shrink the Turbinate.  I’ve noticed that it’s helped a bit, but not to where it needs to be. I need to give it some more time heal completely as it’s common for scabbing to occur and continue to block the airway.  I think once this is resolved it’s going to be a huge boost mentally and one step to getting back to normal. 

And that my friends will be a huge win.


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