Forget what you’ve learned

Speech therapy volume 2 started yesterday.  I’ve got three sessions with her prior to my next Thyroplasty surgery.  She’s going to get me to unlearn what I was taught last time.  Don’t push the words out of my mouth.  She wants me to forget the word ‘push’.

Uh.  Ok.

She’s given me some homework to do which is fairly similar to last time.  I don’t know, I’m just so skeptical this time around.  I’ve got to keep an open mind though and try hard to get those results.  It’ll help them when I’m on the operating table talking to them during the surgery to make sure they’re getting the best size and placement for the implant(s).  We also discussed ways to avoid clearing my throat and coughing, which I never thought of causing fatigue and other issues for my vocal cords, but makes complete sense.

She drives a Prius too.  Crap.

I’ll do the homework, and see her again on the 12th.  Which is going to be an extremely busy day as it is.  I hope next month breezes by.  I’m getting anxious.

I’ve also got to start looking for new employment, not in a big hurry, but need to have something in the next year.  I know one thing, I don’t want to be a vendor/contractor anymore.


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