Cleared for takeoff again

Had my 2 year checkup today.  Still good.  These two suspicious things that keep showing up appear to have shrunk ever so slightly, and my blood work is still good.  They don’t know what those nodules are though, which is concerning, but nothing to really worry about.  Excellent.

Told her I’ve backed off my caffeine intake significantly, simply because there is no longer a Starbucks in the lobby of my office!  Nonetheless, I told her doing this has really affected my energy levels throughout the day.  She asked the usual questions surrounding apnea, but I sleep good at night, so that’s not it.  We decided to try a change with my meds and throw in some Cytomel in the mix and reduce my Levo dose to compensate for the change.  I’ll pick up my meds tomorrow and start everything on Sunday.  It’ll take 2-3 weeks before I should see any change.  If it turns out that I feel worse, I can stop taking the Cytomel.  I’ll have a blood draw in 6-8 weeks to check my TSH level.  Otherwise, she said everything is looking good, a bit of a relief.  I’m pretty excited to reduce my Levo though, alternating between doses everyday is a hassle.

I asked her to show me the PET scan from May as I forgot to ask her the last time I saw her, man, that is damn cool to see.  I don’t know how they invented that.  Being able to see your internal organs in color is absolutely something else.

I mentioned to her that I went to a Thyroid Cancer Survivors Conference in October she seemed pretty interested in it and asked if Brian Haugen and Michael Tuttle were there, which they were.  She asked me to send over the program so she can take a look at the sessions and speakers that were there.  Sure would be cool if they held it in Seattle some time…

She went on to tell me that I’ll likely receive a survey in the mail regarding issues that we as survivors face after treatment for those of us that have been diagnosed within the last 5 years..  Apparently, they’re increasing the amount of research that’s happening regarding Thyroid Cancer there at UW/SCCA.  Awesome news!  I hope that I’ll be able to help out somehow!  It reminded me of the survey I completed for research being done at the University of Chicago.

Next week’s appointment is my last one for this round of voice therapy.   It’ll be interesting to see what she thinks.  I may honestly see if I can postpone the surgery till the end of December if she can open up an appointment or two and if they have a surgery opening later in the month.  I’ve heard a different using this new +Y Buzz technique she’s teaching me now, but it’s still extremely hard for me to remember to do it all the time.  She did make sure that I know it’s not going to be instant satisfaction.  It’s going to take a loooooong time (years) to just do it without thinking.  She actually told me that she can tell I’m someone that wants to be perfect at something the first time. Hahaha.  I got a bit discouraged about the whole thing and now I’m debating the surgery.  I just wish there was a way to know how much of a difference there’s going to be beforehand.  Is it a waste of time?  I know it’s not a money thing since it’s not going to cost anything (hence why I want it done this year).  Is it going to turn out completely bad?  WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?  I go in for a scope with Dr. Hillel on the 1st to get a look at things prior to surgery.  I’ll need to get my questions lined up, even though I know that they don’t know how it’ll turn out either.

Got a flu shot while I was there.  He asked if I have an allergy to it.  I think I startled him when I said I turn green and get angry.  After a moment he realized what I meant and played along.  hahaha.  I don’t think they get to see many patients like me through the day, always good to have a laugh, right?


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