Autumn Leaves

Sitting here anxiously awaiting that phone call that comes the day before your scheduled surgery.  It’s the same thing every time.  You never know when it’s gonna happen, but you’re thinking about it all day.

Umm…that’s weird.  Really weird.  She just called to tell me that my check-in time is 6:45.  Odd timing.

Anyway, surgery is tomorrow.  We had a change of plan after my appointment last week.  The original plan was to go in and place an implant in on the left side, with the possibility of revising the implant on the right side.  However, after I pointed out how I sound when I turn my head to the left and talk versus turning my head to the right, he decided we should go in and revise the right side first.  Once he’s in there he’ll take a look at revising the arytenoid adduction next.  After those are done, and depending on the outcome he might go ahead and place the implant in on the left side.  He told me he’s not sure how long it’s going to take until he gets in there and starts in.  I told him even though I’m awake the entire time, I don’t care, I’m willing to do whatever I need to in order to get a better voice.

I’m really hoping I get the same guy that put my IV in last time when I had the injection.  I haven’t forgotten the conversation we had.

My post-surgery instructions are bit more restrictive this time around though.  This is likely due to a different doctor and speech therapist than anything else, however.

  • No talking for 3 days.
  • No talking on the phone for a month.
  • No talking in loud places for a month.
  • Only talk for brief periods of time.
  • Only talk to those that are within arms reach.
  • No straining of the voice at all for a month.
  • Limit the amount of talking in a day.

Then of course the usual post-surgery restrictions, no lifting heavy items, rest, etc.

Got my next blood draw appointment lined up for next month as well.  It’ll be interesting to see what the new prescription has done to my numbers.  I’m not sure that I feel any better or worse since reducing the levothyroxine and adding liothyronine.  I thought it was causing some chest tightness last week, but that has really happened since, and might’ve been due being anxious, stress, etc.  I certainly don’t have the severe joint and muscle pains I had the last time I was taking both.  I think that might’ve been because my previous endo didn’t compensate the combination of the two.  That was one of my main concerns with the change, and I’m thankful it’s not an issue now.

Ok, I started this at work, and now I’m finishing it at home.  I can’t think of much more to say.

I’m mentally prepared for everything, I’m ready to be on the table for several hours, I’m ready to deal with the outcome.  I’m hopeful for a significant improvement as I’ve already decided that this is the last surgery I’m going through for my voice, unless there’s some new procedure out there that’s guaranteed to get it back to where it was a little over two years ago.

I’ll catch ya on the flipside.


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