Lady in a Glass Dress

I’ve found that I have what feels like a lump in the right side of my throat when I swallow.  It’s been there for a couple days now.  Not really sure what I should do.  I’ve only seen my primary care doctor once, and she’s an idiot.  I have no desire to see her again, in fact, I should really find a different one.  Someone that’s more aligned with internal medicine.  I’ve been more or less putting that off for a long time now as I’ve been doing fine without.

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be scheduled for an ultrasound and blood work next month.  Should I wait and see what happens with that?  It’s not painful.  Nothing is apparent from the outside when swallowing.  Maybe the implant moved?  I haven’t done any intense coughing or anything that I can think that would cause that to happen.  My voice doesn’t sound any different.  Maybe something happened with the arytenoid adduction?

Of course the mind goes to a place where my cancer has reoccurred and I’ll have to go through treatment again.  I mean they did tell me I’m at a high risk for reoccurrence and it would likely happen within the first five years if it’s gonna happen, and here I am right smack dab in the middle of that.  Hmm…

Maybe I’ll call up my Endocrinologist and see if I can get in for the tests sooner in the month rather than later.

Maybe it’s nothing and it’ll go away in a couple days.



6 thoughts on “Lady in a Glass Dress

  1. Under no circumstances should you wait! Call your Endocrinologist immediately and tell them what’s going on and ask their advice.


    • While I agree to an extent, it’s also ok to take a wait and see approach with thyroid cancer. I could wait a couple weeks for the ultrasound and it wouldn’t make a difference.


    • It’s no longer there. It disappeared a couple days after. Still, waiting a couple weeks for a regularly scheduled ultrasound is completely acceptable when there’s no immediate reason to believe that there’s a recurrence. I haven’t yet heard from them yet to schedule it, so I’ll be getting touch with them tomorrow.


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