The White Shoes

Work.  Work has been crazy the last week or two.  I feel like there’s so much uncertainty about the future here with this team, this organization.  Things are changing, and there’s no clarity as to what’s happening and what the ultimate outcome is going to be.  People have left and they haven’t back-filled their positions.  Which makes me wonder what happened to that headcount?  Where did it go?  Is it still there?  Do they lose it?

Moving on from that.  I’m going to St. Louis in October for the annual Thyroid Cancer Survivors Conference the first weekend of the month.  I’ve decided that I’m going to take vacation time the following week and do some exploring and sightseeing while I’m out there since it’s a place and region I’ve never been.  I just don’t know what is out there to see or do other than the arch and BBQ.  Looking at a map, it looks like Chicago and Memphis aren’t really that far away, and it would be kind of cool to check out Chicago.  Where does someone go to look up things and places to see and do in a particular area?  Do you have any suggestions?  Foth mentioned that I should take a river boat cruise…  That doesn’t appeal to me that much, but could be fun for an excursion I suppose.


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