Open Heart

Wrote this on Saturday, just now posting it…

As I’m sure some of you are aware, one of the worst things after getting any kind of medical tests or scans or whatever is waiting for the results to get back.  I had my ultrasound and blood draw on Tuesday.  I’ve really come to the conclusion that although not painful in anyway, I really don’t like getting Ultrasounds.  I can see the screen, and I’m getting better and being able to figure out what he’s seeing.  He left the room to go show the pictures to the radiologist and while he was out, I moved the screen so I could see it better and it looked like there was 4 or 5 spots he focused on.  Wait.  What are these other 2 or 3 spots?  I know there’s two spots on the left side that we’ve been watching over the last 2 years, not sure what those other spots are.  I’ve had two different guys do it at SCCA, and they both have the same personality.  They’re not all that friendly, we’re here to do a job, so let’s get it done type person.  I’ve been waiting to get the email(s) telling me that I’ve got test results waiting for me.  They usually arrive before I have my follow up with the endocrinologist, which means I’ll freak out about them before she has the chance to explain them.  Really wish I didn’t have to wait another week to meet with her.

On another topic, I’ve never had to get something framed before.  Little did I know how much it costs!  Uh.  It was going to cost about 6 times as much as I paid for the picture.  That’s crazy.  She was able to get the price down to $143 by using a cheaper frame, but even at that price, wow.  There’s got to be a cheaper way to do it, right?  Do you have any tips on getting something framed?

Next Saturday is Forum Fest, our biggest care show of the year.  The weather is gonna be HOT.  Something like 94 degrees.  Crap.  That’s gonna suck.  Thankfully, it’s on a Saturday so we’ll be able to recover the next day before heading back to work.  I need that day, bad.  I actually bought some sunscreen for the first time in a REALLY long time, that way Myra and Kenji won’t be nagging me!  :). Just need to remember to use it!  So if you’re free next Saturday and want to check out a bunch of cars, a bunch of people, drag racing you should come out to Pacific Raceways!


2 thoughts on “Open Heart

  1. I hope your follow up goes well. As far as framing, it’s crazy expensive. You can try to find a cheap frame on amazon or Michael’s or somewhere like that. But if you want all the matting and other crap that goes in it, it can cost a lot. Sometimes you can find a cheap set ($40 or so) that will fit the picture. Target has some frames as well.


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