I’ve broken the rule twice so far this weekend.  I’ve eaten breakfast at two places that we also have at home.  Starbucks and Panera Bread, however, Panera Bread is called St. Louis Bread Co., so does that really count?  To make up for it I’ve eaten at Kreis’ Restaurant, SugarFire Smokehouse, Sweetie Pies and White Castle so far.

This Westport Plaza is weird.  There’s two different Sheraton hotels a couple office buildings, restaurants, comedy club, dueling piano bar and a Starbucks.  WHY IS THERE TWO SHERATON HOTELS?  That’s just weird on it’s own.  It’s kind of out in the boonies too.  Really glad I rented a car to get around to see and try new things.  I even drove to Illinois Thursday night!  Sure it’s the next exit after St. Louis, but whatever.

Yesterday there was a bunch of high school soccer teams staying in the hotel and they conveniently put most of them in room right down the hall from the front desk, think they planned that?  They seemed to be groups of them going everywhere inside the hotel all night.  Tonight there’s two different weddings.  This isn’t the kind of hotel that I would imagine one would come to have a wedding and reception.  Maybe that’s just me though.




Ok, I’ve never got around to finishing this and frankly I probably won’t, so might as well post what I have, right?


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