Out of My Hands

This trip originally started back in October 2015 at a hotel bar in St. Louis.  I was invited (demanded is more like it :)) to join in with some of my fellow Thyroid Cancer survivors for drinks and conversation.  I was told that Chris and Craig were going to have an official wedding in September of this year.  I said, “I’ll go if you invite me!” Lo and behold, I received my invitation.  I purchased my airfare and booked my hotel and rental car a couple months later.  This was the outcome…

I went to Utah last weekend.  I got an incredible free upgraded rental car.  I went to Wyoming and Nevada.  I saw a lot.  I drove a lot.  I drove on salt.  I went to a wedding.  I had cold stone ice cream at the wedding.  I made new friends.  I ate amazing pancakes, twice.  I got a lot of sun.  I made a new dog friend named Lucky.  I did a lot of introspection.  I’ve been adopted into “The Family”.

I want to go back.




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