Sooooo, I’m in my friends wedding next month as one of the best men.  Last weekend they told me I need to pick out a song to use as an intro.  WHAT?!  Now it’s nearly all that I’ve thought about every time I’m listening to music.  Do I want something New Jack Swing? Old School Rap?  New School Rap?  Hip-Hop?  Something ironic?  Something funny?  Something you’ll remember forever?  I dunno.  There’s just too many choices.  I was leaning towards an older Timbaland song, preferably with Magoo, but then I got to thinking, what about Milli Vanilli?  That’d be pretty funny, right?  What about Wale?  What about Single Ladies?  HAHAHA, I suppose it should be something most people had heard and/or liked at some point.  I’m still thinkin’ about this, and I’ll have to report back later with what I finally chose.


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