I guess so, while I’m here…

Today started out fairly mediocre. Last nights RN was really concerned with the lack of sleep I’m getting at night. Hmm…could it be various tubes and other devices connected and/or running and constantly being interrupted because I don’t have enough oxygen according to the machine? I’ve been getting up and moving around about 4am simply because I don’t want to deal with the sleep apnea questions.  I’ve never had a problem with it before.

I was fairly frustrated with everything this morning.  I think I’m just bored and haven’t seen much physical progress, or at least as much as I was hoping.

During my shower this morning, I noticed that when moving the shower head down my arm there was a spot of numbness.  Great. Another reason to wonder if I really did make the right in getting this removed.  I can’t talk right anymore, no perspiration on the right side of my face and numbness in my right shoulder as well sporadic spots of pain, soreness, etc.

The guy I’m sharing a room with is killing me with the food ordering 3 times a day.  This just adds to my ongoing frustration.  I wish I was in a private room like they said I’d be before they moved me down here.  I also feel bad for him having to listen to me hack up phlegm and saliva all day.

I knew that recovery was going to be hard, it’s actually not.  It’s more frustrating than anything else.

My surgery was planned to be 2.5 hours last week, and that blossomed to something closer to 6 hours as they were able to finally see the extent and enormous size of the mass.  It turned out to weigh 5lbs, and was growing onto my pharynx. During the removal process they damaged the pharynx which required them to give me a feeding tube so it could heal from the repairs without me having to swallow anything.  Hence the 7+ day stay here instead of the 2-3 days I was anticipating.

I’m probably missing some points I wanted to make earlier, and clearly this post follows no rhyme or reason.  😏


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