Movin’ and not groovin’

My team at work is moving to South Lake Union next weekend.  Although I live in Seattle, I’m not looking forward to it, surprisingly so, huh?  Even though I live less than 10 miles from the new office, here are my options:

  • Pay $16+ a day for parking  
  • Taking the bus from my house will take 2 transfers and 1 hour to get there, 2 transfers and 2 hours to get home. (according to Metro’s website.)
  • Find a neighborhood closer to work, find parking and take the bus.  
  • Drive to Tukwila, take the train, then a bus..  

None of these options are ideal.  It takes me less time to get to Redmond (22 miles) than it would to take the bus to Seattle.  It’s also cheaper for me to drive to Redmond than it is to pay for parking in Seattle.  I’m losing either money or time no matter which way you look at it.

That sucks.


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