The nose knows

Finally got an appointment scheduled to have my nose/sinuses checked out.  Ever since I had my surgery I’ve been having breathing problems through my nose.  Mainly the right side, but at times the left side as well.  My concern is that this is a complication with the Horners Syndrome that I have on the right side of my face due to damage to the sympathetic nerve system on that side (no sweating on that half of my face, droopy eyelid, etc.)
I REALLY hope that it can be fixed.  The Flonase prescription he gave me when I mentioned it to him hasn’t done anything to improve it.  I’m assuming that he thought it might’ve been allergies, but I’ve never had allergies before.  It’s a pain waking up in the morning with a super dry mouth, lips and throat after breathing through my mouth all night.  Fingers crossed it can be fixed without much effort!  I’ll find out next Tuesday!

Next thing is getting some dental work done.  I apparently should’ve had a cleaning done prior to or shortly after the radiation treatment, which I didn’t do.  I haven’t seen a dentist in years…


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