It’s a month into 2016.  Congratulations.  We’ve made it.

Last Wednesday as I was on my way to work I realized that I had forgotten to grab my pills for the afternoon.  I thought to myself, “no big deal, just take them when you get home.”  Boy was that a mistake.  I had assumed that by now, I could miss a dose of liothyronine hormones and I’d be ok.  Yup, found out the hard way that I was wrong.

I went and got my haircut after work and was feeling generally fine, but noticed that when I went to laugh, I had some pains in my head.  Then as I was walking out to my car, I began to notice that something was off.  Cranked the heat up in the car and I wasn’t able to get that warm, as you know, that’s not normal for me.  lol, I hate the heat.  By the time I got home I was beginning to shake and shiver uncontrollably.  Immediately went and took my pills and crawled into bed, shivering and twitching, wondering if I should go to an emergency room.  It took about 75 minutes or so, but the shaking was beginning to calm ever so slightly.  Somehow I fell asleep and woke up about an hour or so later uncomfortably warm, muscle pains, sore back, headache and lightheaded.  At this point I realized that I was likely hypothyroid (not enough thyroid hormones in my system) once again.  Yay.  I hoped that I’d never have to experience this again after I had to go through this for 3 weeks exactly 3 years ago.  Anyway, I slept on and off through the night.  Came into work the next day and was completely out of it.  Didn’t feel like eating much and kept dozing off.  By Friday morning, I could tell that my body was beginning to recover and by Friday night I was about 95% back to normal.  I’ll let my Endocrinologist know about this when I go in to see her again in May.  She what she has to say about it.

Note to self, never forget your meds.


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